Direct Tax

K. Treppides & Co Ltd offers Taxation Services to Companies and Individuals. Taking into consideration the Cyprus Taxation Law, in combination with Double Tax Treaties available to Cyprus Companies, and the EU directives, the Company provides advice and guidance on various tax matters and assistance for effective tax planning.

Assistance is provided:
• In the Tax Planning of International Business Companies.

• In the set up of a Group Structure based on the tax planning of a group of companies.

• To companies wishing to obtain a tax ruling from the Commissioner of Taxation in order to confirm the tax treatment of transactions to which they will be a party. 

• To companies wishing to obtain tax compliance services to ensure all statutory and tax filings are made by the due dates.

• In the examination of companies by the Cyprus Tax Department.

On Personal Taxation matters advice is offered:

• On personal taxation applicable in Cyprus based on the Cyprus Tax. 

• On obtaining Tax Residence Certificates for companies and individuals.

• On other administrative reports.

• On obtaining a tax clearance certificates for expatriate employees. The Tax clearance certificate is a necessary document for the renewal of the work permit in Cyprus. 

• On the issues of Certificates by the Social Insurance Department.

Indirect Tax Services

Indirect Tax is considered among the professionals as a complex subject which requires the persons involved to be kept up to date with the rapid changes in the VAT Law, at a national and European level, in order to be in a position to assist the clients in their VAT planning and compliance for the minimization of any VAT exposure and the avoidance of imposition of any penalties by the Department of Taxation from a VAT compliance perspective.  

Our experienced VAT specialists are ready to provide you with the guidance and assistance required in order to ensure compliance with the Cyprus VAT legislation and assist in any aspect relevant with VAT.

Indirect Tax Advisory Services

  • Review of existing/future transactions performed by the clients for ensuring the correctness of the VAT treatment applied/to be applied.
  • Perform VAT health checks by reviewing the accounting records of the clients for assessing their VAT position and suggest ways for correcting any errors identified.
  • Assist clients with VAT audits performed by the Department of Taxation.
  • Prepare VAT opinion letters/reports for analyzing the VAT treatment applicable for transactions to be performed by clients.
  • Preparation and submission of VAT rulings to the Department of Taxation.
  • Assist clients for the proper set up of their accounting software in order to ensure compliance with the VAT Law.
  • Provision of ongoing VAT advisory services to the clients via emails, face to face meetings, calls.
  • Tailor made VAT trainings.

Indirect Tax Compliance Services

  • Facilitating VAT/VIES/Intrastat/OSS registrations and deregistrations to the Department of Taxation in Cyprus.
  • Apply for Group VAT registration to the Department of Taxation in Cyprus for persons in business.
  • Preparation and submission of VAT/VIES/Intrastat/OSS returns to the Department of Taxation in Cyprus.
  • Facilitating payments on behalf of the clients for the settlement of the VAT liability.
  • Assist clients with the submission of VAT refund requests in Cyprus for claiming the VAT refund from other member states.
  • Obtain VAT clearance certificates.

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