International Compliance and Advisory Services

Authorization Advisory Services

Having accumulated a wealth of experience in servicing international investment and financial services companies and regulated industries over the last 20 years, being the leading advisory firm in the evolvement of the financial services in Cyprus, K. Treppides & Co adds value to your business project in financial services on a wide range of areas in the financial sector, enhancing your organizations credibility within the regulated markets:

• Advise on the optimal structure to satisfy regulator’s requirements and apply for a license for EU and non-EU based Investment Firms, Investment Funds, Payment and Electronic, Money Institutions, Gaming, Corporate / Administration Service Providers, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies and Bank’s inter alia

• Advise on the current regulatory framework, the procedures required and the market practices in each case based on our experience on the unique way each market participant operates

• Provide consultancy concerning the post license requirements, ensuring compliance with the regulatory needs and establishing for your company and organization a relationship of trust with the Regulators

• Provide advisory services concerning the regulatory and financial aspect for acquisition / merger of investment firms

• Provide advice as to how to expand the license, applying for a branch or a representative office, applying for a tied agent or for new licenses in EU and non EU countries such as UK, Malta, Cyprus, Russia, Greece, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Gibraltar, Belize, BVI, Mauritius, Seychelles, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Labuan, Singapore, Luxemburg, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, St. Vincent

Internal Audit Services

K. Treppides & Co Ltd, specializes on Internal Audit services dedicated to regulated entities such as;

• Investment Firms and Investment Funds, Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions, Banks and Insurance Companies

• Moreover, over the years we have gained significant experience on the internal audit and advisory services of governmental entities such as Municipalities and Quasi-Governmental Organizations by undertaking relevant projects. Our range of Internal Audit services includes the outsourcing of the Internal Audit function, independent review of the control and compliance procedures followed by entities, and specialized consultations and trainings

Compliance Support and Advisory Services

In a financial world that is evolving based on compliance with regulations, K. Treppides & Co Ltd provides compliance support services as follows;

• Compliance Support and Advisory Services to international regulated entities (Investment Firms, Investment Funds, AIFMs, Payment Institutions, Electronic Money Institutions, inter alia) that aim for tailored compliance support services and professional advice in relation to compliance matters

• Compliance Support and Advisory Services designed to help regulated firms remain compliant and meet specific regulatory requirements

• Compliance requirements inter alia are being defined by the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and Regulation (MIFID, MIFID II and MIFIR), Basel II and III, Capital Requirements Directive IV and Regulation (CRDIV and CRR), the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) and Anti Money Laundering Legislation

• Compliance Health Check on a full scope or on specific areas over the procedures followed by Regulated Entities, to assess compliance level as well as to recommend and/or assist on implementation of an action plan for the purposes of full compliance with the relevant legal framework. This is an exercise that is highly recommended by Regulations and add value to the compliance orientation of every regulated company

• Advice on compliance procedures and communication that enhance the relationship with regulators building and a relationship of trust and credibility.

Risk Management Services

K. Treppides & Co Ltd is committed to provide services to companies that aim to stay on track and proactively deal with risks that could potentially impact their day-to-day operations, as well as contribute towards the realization of their strategic goals in an environment of constantly evolving risks and regulations. K. Treppides & Co Ltd has extensive and substantial, knowledge and expertise in the field of risk management with emphasis on regulatory compliance, evolving from services provided to Investment Firms, Investment Banks, Electronic Money Institutions and Payment Institutions.

Our dedicated team of professionals provides dynamic Risk Management services as follows:

• Dedicated outsourced Risk Manager Officers

• Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) and Supervisory Review (SREP) assistance

• Regulatory Risk Compliance

• Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) and Directive (CRDIV)

• European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)

• Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR) and Directive (MiFID II)

• Enterprise Risk Management Consulting

Our Risk Management team of professionals are proud to announce the capability of offering automated solutions for all the above services, advancing risk management advice and enable the financial services companies to act independently and without the need of outsourcing the monitoring and reporting of the risk management regulated report requirements.

Regulation and Advisory Services

No matter the challenge, K. Treppides & Co Limited, focuses on;

• Delivering practical and enduring consulting regarding any aspect of regulation surrounding companies, ranging from Companies Law,Taxation Law, Investment Firms Law, Payment Services Law, Investment Funds Law across EU and/or Non-EU Jurisdictions and regulations

• Providing advice on industry best practices that can assist the market participants to be on the forefront of client service and protection

• Resolving regulated compliance issue that a financial services firm may offer, by analyzing and identifying the source that generated the compliance irregularly and implementing tailored made schedule to resolve any compliance related irregularity.

Corporate Structuring

K. Treppides & Co Limited offers a broad scope of services across all industries in relation to Valuations (of inter alia Entities Domains, and Real Estate).

Our Services include:

• Examination of operations and financial performance of each client

• Preparation of valuation model best fitted to each case

• Generate the value of the Entity via numerous procedures (which include among others Discounted Cash Flow, Transaction Multiples and Trading Multiples)

• Preparation of Valuation Report

• Post valuation support and update

• Enhancing the capacity of the company and identifying areas of strength that value to the company and business

Mergers & Acquisitions

K.Treppides & Co Ltd offer services related to Mergers and/or Acquisitions of legal entities, domains, business activities and/or segments.

Our services among other include:

• Identification of company/business targets

• Negotiation and/or intermediation between the parties

• Legal support and legal procedures

• Financial and legal due diligence

• Compliance and Regulatory due diligence

• Transaction Supervision and reporting

• Escrow Agent Services

Advisory Services

K. Treppides & Co Ltd takes a client driven approach in order to provide a tailor fit outcome to each customer. Advice can be provided in setting up the optimum capital structure as well as guidelines on expanding a business by suggesting strategies that take into consideration regulatory, tax rules and industry trends, providing the best outcome based on industry best acceptable practices.

Advisory services are considered by our firm as a service that requires a one to one meeting/discussion since it is always specific and requires tailor made advice that will result to a tailor fit solution. Please feel free contact us for arranging an introductory meeting and discuss your needs.

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